Car Covers – One of Life’s Necessities

Car cowl are one of these necessities of existence that we cannot do with out. You may think I am exaggerating fairly, but I am useless severe. It is a truth that a car that has been protected with a vehicle cowl has an extended existence expectancy than one that is not.

If you are thinking why, allow me provide an explanation for. Nature, however beautiful and tremendous it is able to be, in reality has a diverse effect on cars. The numerous elements of nature damage and break cars to the diploma that they appearance properly past their real age.

Take the sun as an example. Just because the sun may be terrible for the human skin and body, it is able to be bad for the auto’s outdoors and body too. The inner workings of a automobile grow to be ruined when the car is left status inside the solar for too lengthy. The interior also will become very warm and stuffy, and too claustrophobic to drive in. The paintwork of the car gets bleached from the sun’s effective ultra violet rays and the end melts. It finally ends up that the car looks very dull and colorless and looses any former shine and luster.

When it rains, existence’s no better. Raindrops go away lousy watermarks all over the outdoors. In addition, the high ranges of acid in the rain devour at the car’s paintwork, so that it is left searching patchy and ugly. The car’s bodywork also starts off evolved to rust with time from the dampness of the rain. Snow best accentuates all of this, whilst on the identical time freezes over the car and all its components. This includes the brakes and may show to be very risky. Frozen brakes do now not paintings effectively and successfully sufficient and will bring about a fatal twist of fate.

In a wind storm, anything that has been left lying n the road,gets swept up, and flown approximately. This consists of stick and stones, and other rubble, that after they fly beyond cars, come to be scratching and denting the car. This isn’t always the handiest way a car gets scratched and dented. As people brush beyond the automobile, they may by accident knock it, especially so in the event that they have keys or some thing similar hanging from their belts and or pockets. These small nicks and dings go away everlasting impressions on the auto, which no one needs.

There are many extra natural nuisances, which include birds’ droppings, and dirt, that depart awful marks and mess on the outside of the auto. People tend to get fend up with these kind of bits that land upon the auto making it look a actual spectacle.


The Citroën C3 Aircross is the new proposal of the French brand for the B-SUV segment, a crossover that stands out for its daring design, aimed at a young audience. After the PSA Group has acquired Opel, the first models with shared platforms begin to arrive, as the new Citroën C3 Aircross shares its platform and mechanical elements with the Opel Crossland X.The new Citroën C3 Aircross measures 4.15 meters long, 1.74 meters wide and 1.63 meters high, with an inter-axle distance of 2.60 meters. The trunk accommodates 410 liters, although it can be extended up to 520 liters, and bouncing the rear seat, its volume can reach 1,289 liters.In terms of design follows the mat of the C5 Aircross, with a front that stands out for its headlights on two levels where the daytime running lights are located on the top and the main headlights on the bottom, while on the back stand out the lanterns with 3D effect.In the interior there is great news, since it shares the majority of its elements with the Citroën C3 conventional. Highlights include the infotainment system with a touch screen and integrated navigation system and air intakes of new design.

The equipment may include automatic climate control, Head-up Display, keyless access, button start, among others.In addition, it will feature state-of-the-art driving assistance systems such as blind spot detection, stand-alone braking in the city, assisted parking, traffic signal recognition and track maintenance.The initial engine offer will include three different petrol and two diesel alternatives. Amongst the first customers will be able to choose between PureTech in versions of 82, 100 and 130 hp, while in diesel options BlueHDi are available in versions of 100 or 120 hp. Depending on the chosen engine, the transmission may be manual or automatic, in both cases of six speeds.The new Citroën C3 Aircross will be manufactured at the Opel plant in Figueruelas, Zaragoza (Spain) and will hit the market by the end of 2017, and for now the French brand has not yet announced what the sales prices will be c6 corvette car cover.



Citroën continues to exploit to the maximum the commercial possibilities offered by the special editions of its best-selling models. The new generation of the Citroën C3 is a good example of this, since since its arrival to the market, debuted several series with these characteristics. The latest arrival reveals an obvious component of style, personality and elegance. This is the new Citroën C3 ELLE.It receives its name from the well-known fashion magazine that collaborated in the creation of this new special edition of the French model. It comes with a differentiated image of the rest of the levels of finish that make up the line and counts on an equipment of series more than acceptable. In principle it is a combination that will ensure its commercial success among the female audience.

If we take a look at the images below, we realize that the Citroën C3 ELLE will be offered with a two-tone bodywork, where we opted for the Polar White for the body and Soft Sand for the roof. To accentuate the contrast, the rearview mirror housings are in Gloss Black, while there are also details in Cherry Pink on the headlights antineblin and Airbumps.Also noteworthy are the 17-inch alloy wheels and the ‘ELLE’ logo on the front doors. On the ceiling, in addition to the color mentioned, a detail appears in Cherry Pink. Therefore, a quick glance on the exterior of the vehicle to realize that this is not a conventional Citroën C3.Inside, the finishes in the mentioned pink tone are present in the upholstery as well as in the instrument panel. For the creation of this special edition was based on the Feel finish level, so the equipment is very interesting. In addition, the ELLE edition completes this equipment.

The new Citroën C3 ELLE is equipped with the Connected CAM system, Connected NAV, Citroën Connect Box, active emergency braking, collision risk warning, rear-view mirrors with electric adjustment and folding, automatic air conditioning, ramp start, limiter and speed governor, traffic signal recognition and track change warning.For now, the new Citroën C3 ELLE is for sale in the UK with a price starting at 15,595 pounds (68,300 reais). In that market is offered with two gasoline engines, a 1.2 PureTech of 82 hp and a 1.2 PureTech of 110 hp. Both come standard with a manual transmission, but the most powerful option is also offered with automatic transmission.

2018 – CITROËN C3 JCC +

The collaboration between Citroën and fashion designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac continues to bear fruit. A few months ago the  Citroen E-Méhari Art Car was introduced  to celebrate the half-century history of one of the most iconic cars of the French brand, now is the time to meet an interesting limited and colorful edition of the popular Citroën C3. This is the limited edition Citroën C3 JCC +.It will be one of the news that Citroën will show to the public and the media that are in the Salon de Paris 2018. The limited edition that takes the signature of the French artist is characterized by the enormous contrast of colors that shows its exterior, as well as the striking combination of shades with the upholstery present throughout the interior. Both Citroën and Jean-Charles de Castelbajac highlight the refinement of the C3 JCC +.The exterior of the new Citroën C3 JCC + attracts attention due to the body color in Black Pearl Black combined with the Aden Red roof. On the back you can find the JCC + logo in blue, which was also used in the details of colors surrounding the Black Airbumps and antinebline headlights. The center wheel rims and external rearview mirror housings are yellow. Other highlights include the darkened rear windows and the stylish 17-inch Cross Black alloy wheels.In relation to the interior of the Citroën C3 JCC + comes an equally colorful environment. All part of the Urban Red environment. The banks show a red band, the steering wheel and the shift lever have yellow details. For its part, the panel adds a touch of blue, while the JCC + sticker on the sun-resembles the type of edition that we find. The rugs also show the artist’s signature.Citroën took as its starting point the level of Shine finish, so the standard equipment will be quite complete. Among the most relevant equipment are: 17-inch alloy wheels, Active Safety Brake, driver attention alert, collision risk alert, intelligent Smartbeam headlights, internal rear view mirror, Citroën ConnectedCAM, rear view camera, alert objects in the blind, Citroën Connect Nav with 7.0-inch touch screen and the Citroën Connect Box with SOS Pack and assistance.


The Citroën C3 continues to add special series to its line. Recently we show here the new Citroën C3 JCC +, now the French brand presents an interesting and exclusive product for the Spanish market. This is the new Citroën C3 RAC3 Edition, a limited edition created due to the 54 RallyRACC Catalunya – COSTA DAURADA, Rally de España 2018.The creation of this new limited series aims to recall the historic successes of the French brand in the World Rally Championship, where Citroën climbed to the highest place of the podium on 98 occasions. The production of the new Citroën C3 RAC3 Edition will be limited in 360 copies and is inspired by the Citroën C3 WRC competition.Aesthetically this edition differs quickly from any other version available on the Citroën C3 line thanks to the exterior combination of the body in Ash Artense metallized with the ceiling in Black Onyx and the outer rearview mirror housings in White Opal. The Red Aden is present in details of the Airbumps and in the finishes of the headlights antineblina.Beautiful 17-inch CrossBlack alloy wheels, darkened rear windows, and stickers on the roof, sides and C-pillar also come in for a certain ‘racing’ look.Another strong point of this limited edition is its complete standard equipment, where interesting elements such as the 3D navigation system Citroën Connect NAV, Citroën Advanced Comfort technologies, Mirror Screen function, compatibility with Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and Mirror Link appear. Citroën’s infotainment system is controlled via a 7.0-inch touchscreen.In relation to the mechanical part, under the hood of the Citroën C3 RAC3 Edition is a 1.2-liter PureTech petrol engine of 110 hp and 205 Nm of maximum torque, coupled to a six-speed manual transmission and a front-wheel drive system. Thanks to this configuration the C3 is able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in less than 11 seconds and reach a top speed of 188 km / h.The price of the new Citroën C3 RAC3 Edition in Spain will have a sale price starting at 14,350 euros. Brand dealers are already accepting model requests.

2019 – CITROËN C4 L

The Dongfeng-PSA alliance revealed the first details of the refurbished Citroën C4 L, which was updated with a completely renovated interior.This is one of the most successful models of the French manufacturer in China, but has not received updates for more than two years. But with these improvements in the interior, this successful model of the French brand is ready to face the last stage of its commercial life, before the arrival of its new generation.Outwardly the improvements of the Citroen C4 L 2019 do not go beyond some new colors for the bodywork and new designs of alloy wheels. However, the French manufacturer has prepared many novelties for the interior, which has been completely renovated with a brand new panel.The new interior design includes a new format for the air conditioner outputs, as well as numerous changes to the center console, including new controls for the automatic climate control.The 9.0-inch touch-screen infotainment system has also been reviewed, compatible with the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto systems, as well as USB, Bluetooth and voice control. The multimedia system also includes internet access and applications, as well as rear camera and integrated navigation.The steering wheel is also new, as is the instrumentation. The equipment also includes electric windows, heated mirrors with electrical adjustment, keyless access, button start, parking sensors, etc.

The supply of engines contemplates the block 1.2 THP of 130 hp as alternative of access, appearing coupled with a manual transmission of six speeds. The 1.6 THP that develops 165 horsepower is the alternative for those customers looking for a more powerful option. The latter can be combined with both the manual and six-speed automatic transmissions and in both cases are fitted with the Stop & Start system.

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